10 Things You Should Know About Hiring a Tree Service

You looked around your yard and realized it’s time for some tree maintenance. Now you want to hire a tree care company and remove the hazardous trees on your property, but you don’t know who to hire. We have compiled the ten most essential things you need to know before hiring a tree company in your local area. Tree work can be risky and should not be taken lightly, so keep the following things in mind.

  1. You should hire a tree company with up-to-date insurance coverage. They should be able to provide you this information quickly when you ask for it because they are aware of its importance.
  2. Only hire a tree service with the proper credentials. A tree company with a certified arborist affiliated with the International Society of Arboriculture is a good fit for the job because they are experienced and skilled in various aspects of tree service.
  3. Ask for a list of referrals. A qualified tree company can readily provide you with the names of their recent clients that you can call and ask about their experience with them.
  4. They should be able to supply you with a detailed written estimate of the task to be completed. It should include information about the cost and the scope of the service.
  5. Ask them about the time you can expect them to finish the project. Some companies can perform a task in a day while another can do it in a couple of hours, so make sure you verify this information with them
  6. Never work with a company that is not professional. Take time to inspect their equipment and see if it’s well-maintained. This is only one way to know if they are serious in doing business.
  7. The company should use the proper equipment to complete the job. It is also imperative that they wear protective gear as part of precautionary measures.
  8. Does the company give importance to their customer’s satisfaction? A trustworthy company provides excellent customer care because they value loyalty.
  9. Do they advertise using spikes when trimming or pruning trees? If they do, you should not continue working with them because spikes are detrimental to a tree’s health.
  10. Are they willing to work with you to ensure they meet your tree’s needs, as well as yours? A reputable tree company will consider your preferences and let you know if it is workable given the condition of your tree.

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